Bitspawn enables all gamers to make money

Building digital infrastructure for gamers. Bitspawn is a gaming blockchain protocol built for mainstream adoption.
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OUR Mission

Build a global decentralized gaming economy

Bitspawn NFTs

Buy, trade, and sell digital items. Exchange digital items for physical goods.

Lend your NFTs out to other players to use and earn interest with Bitspawn DEFI.

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Bitspawn DeFi

Decentralized finance for gamers.

Bitspawn has created a system for players to be rewarded for the liquidity they provide in competitive marketplaces.

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Bitspawn DAO

Bitspawn is governed through a DAO structure.

Bitspawn tokens represent voting power that can be used directly or delegated.

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Dynamic Gaming Blockchain

Bitspawn is built on top of Solana.

The Bitspawn network is driven by the SPWN token, which provides utility in establishing a marketplace of competitive events and community rewards.

Bitspawn provides the formation of a fundamentally new platform for esports participation structured in decentralized protocols.

Smart Contracts

Proof-of-Respawn (PoR) Reward Mechanism

PoR is the smart contract algorithm Bitspawn utilizes as part of its blockchain structure.

PoR is a type of token algorithm that encourages players to compete and progress.

It enables rewards to be distributed by “skill”-based algorithms and can be integrated with existing gaming APIs to align incentives between players, developers, and brands to spur growth.

Gaming Oracle

Game Data Automation

Bitspawn Protocol's Gaming Oracle enables the aggregation of on-chain and off-chain game data.

The integration of game data into Bitspawn SDK allows community developers to build powerful gaming applications and tools.

Bitspawn provides the analytic tools to make data-driven decisions which will drive product adoption, customer loyalty, and product innovation.

Bitspawn DefI

Decentralized Finance done right for gamers

Liquidity providers are incentivized for their contribution with rewards.

Support NFT creators, gaming communities, and game developers with liquidity.

The share of trading fees paid by users who use the pool to swap tokens is distributed automatically to all liquidity providers proportionate to their stake size.

Experience a smarter way to play video games

Bitspawn creates new revenue streams for gamers outside the traditional realms of content creation and streaming.