GameFi for Esports
and NFT Gaming

Web3 network for gamers. Bitspawn is a gaming blockchain protocol built for mainstream adoption.

Bitspawn NFTs

Buy, trade, and sell digital items. Exchange digital items for physical goods.

Use your NFTs to gain intrinsic benefits throughout the Bitspawn ecosystem.

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Bitspawn GameFi

Proof-of-Respawn (PoR) Reward Mechanism

Rewards are distributed by 'ability'-based algorithms to align incentives between players, communities, developers, and brands.

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Bitspawn Oracle

Bitspawn's Gaming Oracle enables the aggregation of on-chain and off-chain game data.

Community developers are able to build powerful gaming applications and tools.

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Dynamic Gaming Protocol

The Bitspawn network is driven by the SPWN token, which provides utility in establishing a marketplace of competitive events and community rewards.

SPWN has multi-level functionality: medium of exchange, wallet staking, gaming rewards & progression, and community governance.

Online Gaming Network

The online platform for competitive and social gamers. Host events, compete in tournaments, climb leaderboards, and create communities.

Gaming NFTs


The first piece in Bitspawn’s Gaming NFT Ecosystem. Bitspawn is creating value and utility for gamers through NFTs.

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